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Friends of the Library

The purpose of the Friends, a non-profit group, is to promote and assist the library.  The Friends believe that an exceptional library is necessary for the community.  The Friends raise funds for the library’s programs, books and other needs that the library’s budget simply cannot fund.

Every dollar raised goes to the library.  We encourage everyone to join the Friends, not only monetarily, but also as an active member.

The Friends serve to:

  • Advocate for an excellent library equipped with staff, collections and facilities to serve the needs of the expanding community
  • Promote reading of high quality books made available at low cost through their book sales.
  • Raise funds for programs and materials for the community that cannot be done within the library’s budget.
  • Bring in new members who value the library and will devote time and energy to its enhancement.

Please consider joining the Friends of the Library.  A small time commitment can make a big difference.

For more information or to become a friend, get the Friends BROCHURE or contact Lucille Lynch at 201-438-1851.

Friends of the Wood-Ridge Memorial Library:

  • Lucille Lynch, President
  • Flora Schulz, Vice President
  • Madeline Spies, Treasurer and Membership
  • Christine Badgzinski
  • Mary Nunez
  • Ed Pfeifer